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A Friend in Need?

“Thank You for calling me,enquiring about my health,well being,safety. Telling me that you missed me. Expressing your desire for the meet up”.

“A BIG Thank You for making me realise my potential,capability and caliber,but calling me only when you seek help!!”

Letter from an Employee

She said,”Yes Sir, I need salary Hike”,”I need promotion”,” I need my own cabin”,”I need reimbursement of all my bills”,”I need a car”,”I need house”,”I need all the luxuries in life”.

But,Sorry,”I will not indulge in Boot licking”!


This post is my entry for Indiblogger’s “Soch Lo” Contest!

“Do All Relationships come with the Past”? Soch Lo!!

Prerna and Prem were childhood buddies. They went to the same school,studied in same class,resided in the same locality as neighbours and grew up together. They went to school together,had lunch together,played together and studied together. Both found solace in each other’s company. Everyone who knew them realised that they were meant for each other.

Years advanced,Prerna tranformed into a beautiful damsel. All the guys in her high school gyrated at her sight. They longed to date her. Many even dreamt of possessing her as their girl friend. Many guys tried to woo her by sending roses,love letters painted with their blood,singing songs,conducting surprise birthday parties,presenting expensive gifts etc..But all their attempts turned futile as she was least interested in love and was more interested in her academics.

One day Prem was at Prerna’s house for combined study.

“Prem,I m feeling tired. I ll have a shower and refresh myself. Be seated until then”.

He sat on the sofa,frantically,pressing the remote and within 5 mins,he was skimming through sports channels and totally engrossed in it.

Prerna returned refreshed from her shower. Her long black silky tress flowing through her shoulders. Wind blew few strands of her tress on her face,which she gently tucked it behind her ears using her milky white fingers. She later picked up a soft,smooth towel and gently started drying  her tress with it. Prem watched agape, each and every minute details of this lovely events unfolding in front of his eyes. His heart beat started to multiply. He experienced a strange feeling,but did not know what it was.

Prerna: Ok,now I m back,lets start studying.

Prem nodded. Both started to study. She was deeply engrossed in the notes,but Prem’s mind was disturbed. He could not concentrate. He kept glancing at her repeatedly to be caught by her red-handed many times.

Prem returned home. He could not sleep. He tossed in his bed thinking and reliving his moments with her throughout the night. Early morning,he woke up and realised that he was in love with her. He hurried to her house to propose,but she had already left for school.

Prem reached school. On finding Prerna,he ran to her.

“Prerna!! I need to talk to you about something”!

Prem,lets talk later.. I need to revise for my test.

That evening while returning back home,with her lovely light brown eyes sporting a question mark,Prerna asks.. “Prem,you needed to talk something?”

Prem once glanced into her lovely eyes. He was lost. “Well,nothing important Prerna” Forget it. He feared sense of rejection. He did not want to lose her or her friendship. He was confused. He feared that she would turned down his proposal and even stop talking with him. His heart ached and longed to tell her how much he loved her,but his mind warned him against doing something stupid.

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New Feeling

My First post for 55 Fiction:

She was in New City,New Country,overwhelmed to meet people of her origin. She visited their houses,attended parties. Experienced their “Flaunting” attitudes.Found “Mangalasutras” & “Toe Rings” missing on some married women. Attended cultural functions,witnessed India’s National Anthem sung after Foreign one.

Confused,she stood,when her mind whispered,”Welcome to USA”!!!

Note: 55 Fiction involves writing a fictional story which is less than or equal to 55 words.

She was 24, wishing for her “Prince Charming”. Got many suitors,rejected all, expect one. Visited his parents,but he was in USA. Requested his photo,expected his call.  Both spent “Magical” fortnight on video chats,distant calls.Down came Prince crossing thousand seas for a glimpse. They met  first time shared things,laughed & fell in love. She felt like “Dream come True”.

Both Hearts said “Yes”,got engaged in 5 days of their meet.

Well,this is how “Pradeep” and I got engaged! 🙂

The Meet

My First attempt for 77 Fiction!


“He was a tall,handsome guy seeking bride. Rejected many without any meet or greet.Once,met a girl his sister-in-law recommended. She looked pretty,draped in saree. He liked her,but she was a not so fair. His sister-in-law persuaded him to look for inner heart. They spoke,laughed and shared feelings for an hour. Girl asked for time,so did boy.

Next day,Girl said “Yes” ,but boy after second meet, said,”So do I”

Well,this is how my brother-in-law got engaged! 🙂

Note:- 77 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 77 words or less.


My First “POETRY”!!

Here goes my 5 line “Poetic Review” of Inception:

“If you are in “Perception” that “INCEPTION”

is naive,crude and primitive “Reception”,

Then,be ready for the “Deception”

of Christopher Nolan’s Brilliant “Conception”

as this movie is an “Exception”!!


My First Short Story!

Parvati and her husband Subbu lived in abject poverty in Rampur.Parvati worked as housemaid in many households scrubbing utensils,washing clothes,moping the floors to earn the bread and make two ends meet. Subbu was a lazy bone who lost his job due to his sluggishness. He was a drunkard who would beat his wife daily,extract money from her and invest it in gambling. One day Parvati complained of stomach upset and vomitting. The doctor at goverment hospital  after diagonising her,congratulated her saying,”Parvati,God has heard your prayers! You will not be sad anymore! You will give birth to new life who will be the source of all your happiness”. Tears welled up Parvati’s eyes. She thanked the doctor. Running home in joyous mode,she excitedly conveyed this message to Subbu. Both of them were elated over this news and patiently waited for 9 months for the baby’s arrival.

On November 2nd,Tuesday, there was heavy downpour. Rains,thunderstorms and lightning struck Rampur. Parvati started developing labour pains. She tossed around the bed suffering and pleading Subbu to take her to the hospital. Subbu ran out to street getting drenched in heavy rain,stopping every vehicle he came across which turned futile. Ultimately,Parvati could not bear the pain and delivered the baby after procuring assistance from her women neighbours. Their house was filled with cries,roars and laughter of the new born baby. Parvati proudly held the new born baby girl in her arms,kissed it.She decided to call the baby girl,”Lakshmi”. Parvati wispered,”I wish God bestows you all the happiness in your life”. Subbu,on the other hand after knowing that,it was a baby girl was frustrated. He had expected a baby boy. Parvati was heartbroken with Subbu’s behaviour.She looked at the Lakshmi,which was merrily playing and murmured,”I wish you were never born to a father like him”. Subbu later drove Parvati and Lakshmi out of the house and started to have an illicit relationship with another woman.The dejected Parvati carried Lakshmi in her arms and reached the temple. She spread her old tattered bedsheet on the ground and placed Lakshmi cosily on it. She looked at Lakshmi,carassing her and said,”I wish Subbu was more matured and civilized”. I wish God could open Subbu’s eyes. I wish he realises his mistake and accepts us.”

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Well, this incident happened to me when I was in my 7th grade. We had a subject by name SUPW [Super useful project work] in which we were taught to draw,knit,weave baskets,stitch aprons,embroider stuffs etc. SUPW was also counted for grading and we did have tests and exams on it.

It was 7th standard mid term SUPW exam. The grades were given as below:

A- Excellent Masterpiece

B- Very Good art

C- Good Art

D- Fail – uncoloured/unattractive art.

I was all exicted about this SUPW exam. Woke up early in the morning,got dressed,rushed to school. We were given drawing sheets and the topic announced was “Landscape”. All excited, I started drawing the mountains,river,setting sun,grass,cows,people etc. My neighbours peeped into my sheet and praised my work. After completing my drawing,I proudly looked at my sheet and smiled. Now it was time to paint!

I rummaged my school bag but was shell shocked not to find my paint box and brush. The instructions given to us was “No borrowing or lending”! Yes,we were nt allowed to borrow or lend stuffs from/to our neighbours and anybody found doing that would be mercilessly graded “D” . I started sweating. I cursed myself for being so irresponsible. Being a truthful person,I admitted to my invigilator that I had forgotten to bring my paint box and brush. She was very strict and she asked me to leave my drawing sheet un-coloured. I felt extremely unhappy over this. My neighbours adviced me to stealthily borrow theirs and paint. But I refused. On one hand,I feared getting caught by the teacher in whom I had already confessed of not bringing my painting stuffs. On the other hand another fear gripped me..”Any un-painted drawing sheet will be defaulted as D Grade”. Now, I was in a situation in which I cant even leave my drawing unpainted or borrow stuffs. I cursed myself for my loud-mouth. “What was the need for me to don the avatar of Sathya Harishchandra and confess to her that I had not brought my painting stuffs” I thought.

Anyways, I decided neither to borrow nor to paint my drawing. I sat with my drawing sheet waiting for the bell to ring,cursing my irresponsibility,my truthfulness and my honesty. The bell rang and with heavy heart,I handed over my uncoloured sheet to my invigilator. I felt very disappointed. The fear of being awarded D grade gripped me. I could not sleep the entire night. The next day, I found my SUPW teacher. I ran to her and told her my story and how I had left my sheet uncoloured. She smiled and said,”Everything will be fine”.

I returned back to my class. After 2 hours, my SUPW teacher entered our class and announced,”I will be returning the drawing sheets now. Anyone who wish to colour or give final touches to the drawing will be given 1 hour time to do so”. I could not believe my ears! This was the rarest situation which had/could ever happen! I smiled at her with gratitude,thanked my lucky stars. I hurriedly grabbed my drawing sheet,ran back to my desk,opened my bag, found my painting stuffs(which I had accidently brought that day after cursing myself the previous day) and started painting away to glory!!

I later met the teacher and profusely thanked her for giving me one more chance.

This is a TRUE incident which occured to me. I was really amazed and still wondering as to how I got the second chance. Obviously,my teacher was sweet enough to understand my situation and help me. Other reason could be,” My HONESTY”!! :) :)